Advancing through Innovation


The MED3D project stages the rapid prototyping phase of 3D-mockups and implements both the simulation platform for surgical procedures and interface modules with users, as well as involved companies and institutions.

Specifically, the project optimizes diagnosis and treatment patterns of heart disease through the development of products and services based on 3D-printable models of the heart; these technologies act as a tool to support surgical simulation.


The CircularPonic project has led to the implementation of a pilot system integrated with monitoring systems functional to the aquaponic production chain: this allows a transition towards circular economy models. Indeed, the integrated aquaponic platform will solve industrial issues arising from the build-up of waste and byproducts resulting from several production chains (agrarian, wine sector, animal breeding chain, construction and food industries).


TRATOO is a project by the Italian innovative Techinnova-incubated startup RIC3D. The project takes place on the basis of the Italy-registered software TRATOO: RIC3D has signed an exclusive license and development agreement to develop and market the TRATOO software, registered to SIAE in Italy.

TRATOO’s main goal is to implement an IT-platform which innovatively promotes both Sustainable Tourism and theme tourist routes.


The COMMITMENT project develops smart T-shirts equipped with IoT sensors constantly monitoring citizens’ health and wellness conditions.

The project does not intend to replace the traditional treatment and rehabilitative approaches, which remain a high-priority. However, COMMITMENT aims at filling a crucial gap that exists in the social and healthcare system by taking preventive actions; therefore, through and advanced online-coaching system, the project seeks to keep an ever-growing number of people active and healthy.

Home IoT

The Home IoT project implements a smart IoT-sensor client-server system for health protection. The project aims at improving the quality of life of senior citizens, as well as people suffering from chronic diseases; in this respect, the system is capable of detecting health-risk situations, subsequently sparking automated countermeasures. In particular, the service offered by Techinnova is concerned with preventing avoidable accidents or life-threatening domestic oversights through operations automatically undertaken by the Home IoT system – such as turning off the gas tap.

Light 4 Life

The Light4Life project develops services and products to create “smart environments” at the service of health, cognitive and mental well-being, as well as people’s energy efficiency, by exploiting the effects of light.

The project involves the development of an IoT and home-automation system which is capable of integrating the intensity, colour and quality of the light with a person’s mood: the mode of data collection is wearable sensors (wrist bracelet).