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Supporting innovation

Technology Transfer Hub

A gateway to UAE for high-tech European startups and SMEs.

Joint R&D Projects

An effective R&D and industry interface on an international scale.

International networking

B2B partnerships between European entrepreneurs and local counterparts.



FALCONTECH oversees the preparation of companies’ upcoming relocation to Sharjah. Particularly, it manages businesses’ own market entry strategy, covering topics like assistance in immigration law, company incorporation and taxation.


FALCONTECH offers full assistance and support for the company’s relocation and incorporation in Sharjah, through a basic package of services including:

  • Legal form assistance: comprehensive assistance in legal form selection;
  • Support in documents and registering: assistance in the preparation of needed company documents and registering a legal entity in Sharjah.


Through FALCONTECH’s facilitation and personalised development plans, businesses get support in operations (= business activities), as well as help in setting up a business in Sharjah and UAE. Thanks to FALCONTECH’s mediation activities facilitating companies’ soft-landing, businesses can build deep relations not only in Sharjah’s community, but also throughout the UAE and globally.


Through FALCONTECH’S networking activities, startups and SMEs receive finance, operations, and business support, while getting help in outsourcing and talent acquisition as well. Namely, through FALCONTECH’s mediation, SMEs’ leaders acquire the necessary mindset, skill-set and toolkit to be able to innovate in today’s hyper-fast environment.