Falcon Tech lands in Dubai to support the Italian, technological-partner incubator Techinnova throughout its Emirates experience.

Specifically, Falcon Tech will participate as supporting partner of Techinnova at the 2021 edition of Wetex & Dubai Solar Show, the exhibition dedicated to the “environmental technologies” and “renewable energies” sectors that will be held at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, the fair district of EXPO Dubai.

Wetex 2021 will take place from the 5th to 7th of October 2021, in concomitance with the opening days of EXPO 2020 DUBAI, the Universal Exposition that will be held in Dubai from October 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2022: it is the first Universal Exposition to be held in an Arab country, exactly on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates – the Golden Jubilee of the State.

Expo Dubai will deal with Opportunities – in the perspective of freeing the potential of individuals and communities to create a better future; Mobility – with the correlated development of innovative systems of logistics, transport and communication of people, goods and ideas; lastly, Expo Dubai will deal with Sustainability – with a particular attention to the themes of accessibility and resilience of the environmental, energy and water resources. Therefore, for a period of six months, Dubai will turn into a world showcase in which the participating countries will display to the world the very best of their ideas, projects, exemplary and innovative models related to the themes of the Universal Exposition. Thus, from the perspective of business matching and networking activities at international level, Expo Dubai will be a truly unique opportunity for Falcon Tech to come into contact with around 25 million visitors from over 190 countries.

Within the Wetex exhibition space, Falcon Tech will display the main R&D projects carried out together with Techinnova and many other Italian partner companies:


In the room dedicated to the power of the challenge, FALCONTECH will illustrate Techinnova’s project about food and agricultural innovations: CircularPonic. The project has led to the implementation of a pilot system integrated with monitoring systems functional to the aquaponic production chain: this allows a transition towards circular economy models. As an added value, Techinnova has designed and implemented a prototype traceability system based on blockchain. The aquaponic system installation is capable of producing marketable outputs (such as controlled-supply chain fish and cosmeceutical products) from reusing and converting industrial byproducts.


UAE is a showcase market for the world when it comes to 3D printing. Indeed, the country is driving this innovative concept across various vertical industries, one for all the healthcare and medical sectors. In this respect, FALCONTECH will bring to Expo Dubai 2020 Techinnova’s groundbreaking 3D-technologies developed in the MED3D project.

The MED3D project optimizes diagnosis and treatment patterns of heart disease through the development of products and services based on 3D-printable models of the heart; these technologies act as a tool to support surgical simulation.


The COMMITMENT project develops smart T-shirts equipped with IoT sensors constantly monitoring citizens’ health and wellness conditions.

Through an advanced online-coaching system, the project seeks to keep an ever-growing number of people active and healthy. The coaching system is based on the idea that advices – instead of instructions or specific obligations – can motivate the person (thus developing their own COMMITMENT) to independently modify their lifestyle in a conscious and effective way (Nudge Theory).

The COMMITMENT project will provide the fashion industry with one of the earliest examples of IoT-technology integration with fashion clothing.


Since the motto of the Universal Fair will be “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, FALCONTECH will participate at Expo Dubai 2020 to promote both Italian and European 4.0 Industry, as well as strengthening new partnerships in the innovation field. Furthermore, as an international hub in the most innovative sectors – such as Life Science, Smart & Sustainable Agriculture, and 3D technologies -, FALCONTECH will foster the intercultural dialogue between Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and Asia by promoting meeting with researchers who are working on the forthcoming global challenges to connect people, minds and intelligences.