FALCONTECH and the Italian leading incubator Techinnova have announced today that FALCONTECH is the Official Partner of the XLR8 Contest, which will be held in Italy (Milan) on June 16th.

XLR8 is the ad-hoc contest organised by Techinnova – through its acceleration programme Innogrow – that has been announced alongside its traditional call for applications. The XLR8 Contest is part of the full-digital event Smart City Now – Conference & Expo 2021, organised by Foundation Cluster Technologies for Smart Cities & Communities – Lombardia. Therefore, the XLR8 contest is focused mainly on the field of Smart Cities.

An important element of the partnership is the set of activities connecting FALCONTECH with its Italian business partner Techinnova: as leader companies in the field of Technology Transfer and International Networking, FALCONTECH and Techinnova have created a winning synergy to promote joint R&D projects, as well as special contests addressed to the most deserving talents in the world of innovation.

“We are delighted to welcome our Emirate partner FALCONTECH at the XLR contest: as a gateway to UAE for high-tech European startups and SMEs, FALCONTECH is an invaluable partner in our network. The crucial infrastructure support of FALCONTECH will be of inestimable value in allowing an increasingly wider resonance of our local events”, says Riccardo Roggeri, CEO & Founder of Techinnova.

For further information about the XLR8 contest, see the site: https://innogrow.it/xlr8/.